Baltic Futsal Marketing

is the company of effective development in sport marketing

Our Specialization:

  • marketing support,
  • development and implementation of PR-strategy,
  • execution of commercial rights,
  • realization of advertising potential

Our Feature

is innovation. We can generate fresh extraordinary ideas and implement them with maximum benefit.

Our Trump

is research activities: detailed and quality estimation, specificity and accurate message in ready solutions.

Our Range

of solutions is spread over «three octaves»: from progressive — through essential — to radical.

Our Strategy

is professional estimation of benefit for you.

Our Goal is your success.

Baltic Futsal Marketing is an everyday assistant of your sport season including any preseason activities.

Baltic Futsal Marketing is a solid partner of your promotional campaign focusing on sport audience.

BALTIC FUTSAL MARKETING works on several broader objectives at a time:



In any case any match in any league in the world provokes emotions of those who visits stadiums, playing halls or watches the match on TV, etc. We will always keep fans’ interest and their sympathy with colorful high-quality show and a proper designed ‘picture’ on your monitor.



We raise spon­sor’s faith­ful­ness to a sport club, brand or event organ­izer by put­t­ing proper accents when design­ing pro­mo­tional mater­i­als for the play­ing halls or by good plan­n­ing of broad­cast dir­ec­tion. We con­sider all peculi­ar­it­ies of this sport when mar­ket­ing tools are activ­ated.



Due to our event media-support development we contact the press both in the interest of sport in general and in the interest of single clubs and leagues to increase their target audience.



We’ll design and pro­duce your club products based on the tra­di­tions and pref­er­ences of those who care about you. Only your audi­ence will see every little detail allow­ing to appre­ci­ate your atten­tion to it.